While I was reading up on the blogs I follow, I stumbled upon Carol Tice’s article titled How to Eliminate All Your Freelance Writing Obstacles.

Despite that the article is intended for writer and may not apply to everyone, it has a very important idea in it. If you’re feeling miserable, most of the time you need some perspective.

It’s a simple concept, but she goes on to talk about one way to gain perspective is to make a gratitude list. Just in time for Thanksgiving, too.

Basically, gain perspective in life by saying what you are grateful for. Simple. In fact, it’s something that I’ve been made to do before. When I was in treatment, every night we would write 5 ‘I am thankful for…’, statements, as well as 5 ‘I am…’ statements and 5 ‘Tomorrow I will…’

It’s a silly idea, but a good one, and I’m going to start doing it now. I’m going to start doing it every night. Right now, however, I’ll just make a gratitude list. Feel free to join me in this, the only snags: for ‘I am…” and ‘I am thankful for…’ you cannot repeat yourself within the same month. Mind, you can use synonyms and such, but you can’t write the exact same statements on either. It helps self-esteem and perspective and keeps you from becoming robotic with it.

I have a wonderful family and friends, that are supportive of my career path and goals.

I have an amazing best friend who loves me for who I am and is willing to listen to me about everything.

I have an awesome brother who will let me ramble and cheer me up through jokes.

I am fortunate to make enough money to support myself and put myself through college.

I have wonderful, cuddly cats that like to sleep with me.

I am achieving things that I didn’t even know I could do- through my own choices and determination.


That’s it for now. 🙂