I had a very set plan for this blog when I started it, but it’s faded into the background.

Which, I’m okay with. I’m still keen on trying new things to try and combat depression, sharing the results of these attempts, and generally talking and helping others on the adventure of life.

But I’ve never been good at planning, and you know what they say about the best laid plans…

So one example I’d like to mention of planning, forgetting, and being pleasantly surprised?

My oldest brother just got married on the 20th in Hawai’i, on the island of Maui. I’ve never felt the draw to Hawai’i, especially with the pricetag, but I went because I wanted to see my brother get married.

I excepted it to be hot, dreadful, and touristy. That was about how my other brother found it.

I, however, fell in love. I’ve always been a fan of the ocean and water, and the temperature was actually pleasant. 70-80 degrees most of the time, with a high humidity and a breeze made the journey outside enjoyable.

And my pale skin was kept covered in sunscreen and I amazingly remained sun-burn free throughout the trip.

I didn’t mind the touristy things, though navigating Front Street in Lahaina was a little annoying, but that was it. I realized I loved the island and I could definitely live there for some time and be happy. I didn’t want to leave. My mother is still amused that the girl that didn’t want to go was the same that didn’t want to leave, but I really am not surprised.

Travel keeps me happy. I had planned on taking my St. John’s Wort and such with me, but I forgot them and ended up not needing them.

Filled with such wanderlust as I was, I did not want to stay in and watch TV. I liked exploring, going out, doing things and generally having fun. I didn’t need anything else. I had energy, and excitement, and despite some small annoyances due to funds, nothing dampened my spirit for too long.

And I believe a spirit of Wanderlust can do some good. Even if you’re not traveling, taking the time to notice the small, wonderful things about the world can be amazing. Perhaps visiting an amazing location can get you started, but you always have to remember: Even though it’s the same old to you, it’s new to somebody else when they pass through.