I’ve been working as a freelance writer for almost a year. Off and on, and I haven’t gotten much work (or, to be honest, tried very hard), since the new year started.

So I’ve also been applying for jobs. I would like a writing job where I can work full-time, not have to worry about marketing my services, and get paid a decent amount of money. I’m already making over $10/hr at my current (part-time) job, and I can usually get a minimum of $15-$20/hr freelancing, so I’m also a little picky on the pay scale.

However, my last two interviews I ended up having panic attacks and cancelling them. Not a good idea, I know, but luckily neither were great jobs anyways so not getting them isn’t a big deal.

Recently, however, I have changed my career path. Instead of trying to apply for staff writing jobs, I decided to apply for some youth counselor jobs. Including an awesome job at an inpatient treatment center for at-risk adolescent girls. It’s a pretty awesome job, to be honest. I would absolutely love it. Since I intend to get a Psychology degree, and I love to help others, it would easily be a great job for me.

I know that I could do this for quite some time. I went to an inpatient treatment center when I was sixteen for seventeen months. I could not stand the place, and to be honest, the only thing that got me through those seventeen months was helping others there and learning new things about psychology.

So wish me luck