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Marching on, I have downloaded Spotify on my phone and made a special list of classical music to sleep to. Mostly Piano, but also some violin, flute and other instruments. So far, it has definitely helped me sleep.

While I have still woken up, it hasn’t been nearly as much as normal. (2-3 times compared to 6-10. Not joking.) Still not the greatest sleep in the world, but for me, a chronic insomniac, this is great.
Happiness level has still so far only been minimally effected. I believe that sleeping well will help, but it will not do everything, of course. I wake up better, but I still end up irritable, easily annoyed, frustrated and depressed.

Intelligence is still largely neutral, but I am still doing good with Words with Friends, silly as that seems. My mind also seems to want to read a lot, so that is promising. But without any difficult problems coming my way, it’s hard to assess right now.

Creativity is up, but slightly. Still having issues dealing with writing while people are around, so it’s hard to say if creativity is really up since I haven’t had much time to test it out.


Overall, sleeping to classical music sounds good. Perhaps I will look up some research as well…


[Continued from Sleeping Classically ]

1pm: Last night, I decided to try it again. Except this time I changed the station on Pandora from general ‘Classical’ to ‘Classical Solo Piano’. I think it did much better. I was able to sleep while it was on. It was not overly stimulating, (therefore not keeping me awake), and while the volume would change some from song to song, it was not as dramatic as the night before.

I woke up in a fairly good mood (though my alarm may have also helped, Doctor Who quote of “You are beautiful. No really, you’re gorgeous.”), even though I still didn’t want to go to work that much. I don’t feel any more creative today, though I’ve been doing decently at ‘Words with Friends’ (It’s like Scrabble.) Still a bit early to tell.

10pm: So, not a bad day or anti-creative or anything of the sort, but not excellent. Tonight I’m going to find relaxing piano specifically to listen to for the night, see how that goes.

So far, status: Happiness looking good.
Intelligence is neutral, but hopeful.
Creativity is unaffected this far.
Sleep was looking the best though.

So I have now tried a new experiment. For general happiness, creativity, and intelligence. People say that when you have babies listen to classical music, they get smarter. They are born smarter. So I wanted to see house it affects sleeping adults such as myself. Not only for intelligence, but also for better sleep, since I have a hard time sleeping and I have to listen to something in order to sleep.

So instead of trying to listen to white noise, I wanted to try listening to classical music. I did it last night, for about two hours, but pandora’s radio station is not the best idea. Besides the volume changes between each song, there were changes in the mood of the music. I’m going to work on finding which songs are better, but this could work. I’m going to try again tonight with more selective music.

Wish me luck!

The funny thing about this blog is I started it to help me with my depression, but I didn’t want it to be just me bitching on the internet to a bunch of strangers.I wanted it to be here to help not only myself, but others.exercises in happiness and how to deal with depression effectively. I do not feel as if I’ve done that. So now what I want to do is to do some research like ” the happiness project” and see what I can find.
I will admit, since my friend’s death, it has been hard to do things, but I’m trying to fix that. No matter what it takes.