[Continued from Sleeping Classically ]

1pm: Last night, I decided to try it again. Except this time I changed the station on Pandora from general ‘Classical’ to ‘Classical Solo Piano’. I think it did much better. I was able to sleep while it was on. It was not overly stimulating, (therefore not keeping me awake), and while the volume would change some from song to song, it was not as dramatic as the night before.

I woke up in a fairly good mood (though my alarm may have also helped, Doctor Who quote of “You are beautiful. No really, you’re gorgeous.”), even though I still didn’t want to go to work that much. I don’t feel any more creative today, though I’ve been doing decently at ‘Words with Friends’ (It’s like Scrabble.) Still a bit early to tell.

10pm: So, not a bad day or anti-creative or anything of the sort, but not excellent. Tonight I’m going to find relaxing piano specifically to listen to for the night, see how that goes.

So far, status: Happiness looking good.
Intelligence is neutral, but hopeful.
Creativity is unaffected this far.
Sleep was looking the best though.