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So this weekend I went camping in Zion National Park with some friends. We spent two nights, hiked three trails [technically four trails, depending on how you look at the different trails, but they were three separate hikes at the very least], and it was amazing.

We arrived Friday Evening in Hurricane, UT, where we camped at Sand Hollow Reservoir [a UT State Park]. We didn’t do any hiking that day, and instead ended up cooking sausages and s’mores and talking and going to bed pretty early. But it was while talking to my guy friends that I realized something that I will explain in a second post. [It got too long for one post.]

The second day was equally amazing, though far more tiring. We did a couple hikes. The first one was Angel’s Landing. It was partially hard because this was my first time really testing out my  Merrell Barefoot Shoes that I’d gotten in Hawai’i. I’d been wearing them quite often after I got them, but I’ve never worn them hiking before. So never at an incline, really. My calves had to get used to the new muscles I was using for the hike.

By the time my muscles had adjusted, my body was starting to fatigue. It was a difficult climb, as the website suggests, but largely because of the last half. Just when you’re starting to get tired. That’s when you hit the hard part. I was taking up the end of our group and having to stop frequently because I’m not quite in the shape for that sort of thing. And really, the part that some people have trouble with, the narrow path over sheer cliffs- I had no problem with. The shoes definitely helped with the parts that we half-way bouldering.

It was amazing to get to the top of Angel’s Landing. One of my friends thought that we likely wouldn’t all make it. [Largely because of his sister and me, as we’re rather inexperienced.] But we all did. I was rather proud of myself.

We then went to Emerald Pools, another trail nearby, which had an easy trail followed by a moderate one to get all the way to the top. [There are three pools.] It was a dry year, so they weren’t very full. It was beautiful none the less, however.

We went to Bumbleberry Inn to have dinner and went to bed pretty early.

The next morning I got up early because my friend and his sister wanted to get back into home pretty early and I was sharing a tent with her. I didn’t mind though. I helped with packing everything up and got to watch the sunrise and meditate.

We then went on one last hike- Timber Creek Ovelook. A moderate hike that only took an hour long. Of course, the three of us remaining were all still sore from the day before, but we got to stop and take pictures.

It was an amazing trip and I was really glad I was able to do it. It definitely reignited my desire to go hiking and to go camping. Now I have to go again.

And because I feel like it:

Completing Strenous level hike: +1000

Completing Moderate level hike: +500 (x2)

Completing Easy Hike: +100

Sleeping two nights in overly windy campsite: +100




The blog is called the Depression Adventurer, after all. Based on silly Dungeons and Dragons obsession.

So. Today I gained expereince points. Like a geek.

I went to a bar.


To go to a fundraiser for a cause I support.

Now this is a big deal because I have anxiety. Social anxiety, actually, and I will often get panic attacks when I’m in a crowd alone. But I didn’t!

The biggest part that made me very nervous, though, besides the natural social anxiety, was that it was a lesbian bar. That I’ve been wanting to go to, but I feel silly going by myself, and I don’t want to drag a straight girl with me (and make her feel uncomfortable), or, obviously, a guy.

But I went, I had a couple drinks (didn’t even get tipsy), sat by myself despite that I got there an hour early.

I didn’t leave before it started (even though it started an hour late.)

And! Best of all! I got invited to sit with a group of cute girls. 🙂 That part really made my night! Seriously, made my night. I mean, I didn’t flirt or anything or even really talk much besides introducing myself, but it was fun nonetheless.

And I got to see my first drag show! With Drag Kings and Drag Queens and most of the funds were donated to Slutwalk SL,UT. Overall, good night. Had fun. Now to tally the experience points!


Going to a bar: 50

Alone: 1000

It was a lesbian bar: 500

Got there two hours before the show and stayed there: 2000

Got invited to a table with cute girls: 700

Stayed until the end of the show: 2500

Left right after the show: -500

Total: 6,250


Of course, now I need to figure out how many experience points I need to level up… Hm…